Shetland Black

Higher Taxon Solanaceae
Genus Solanum L.
Species Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Shetland Black
[Pedigree History ]
Breeder Agent
Synonyms Black Kidney
Data sourceARCHE NOAH
Plant material maintained asIn-vitro
Plant health directive EC77/93, requirementsFully tested
Part tested
Country of originUNITED KINGDOM
Sample statusTraditional cultivar/landrace
Advanced cultivar
Test conditionsOrganic
Non organic
plant characteristics
MaturityIntermediate to late
Growth habitSpreading to semi erect
Foliage coverModerate to good
Flower colourBlue violet
Flower frequencyNo flowers
Rare to occasional
Stolon lengthShort
Light sprout colourBlue
tuber characteristics
Tuber skin colourBlue
Tuber eye colourBlue
Primary tuber flesh colourWhite
Light yellow
Tuber shapeOval to long
Long to oval
Tuber eye depthShallow
Tuber skin textureSmooth to intermediate
tubering characteristics
Tuber sizeMedium to large
Tuber shape uniformityUniform
resistance to fungal diseases
Resistance to late blight on tubersLow
Resistance to late blight on foliageVery low
Resistance to late blight on tubers (Laboratory test)Very low to low
Resistance to late blight on foliage (Laboratory test)Very low to low
Variety information last modified on 24th of July, 2005