Lemin Punanen

Higher Taxon Solanaceae
Genus Solanum L.
Species Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Lemin Punanen
[Pedigree History ]
Breeder Agent
Data sourceSWE002
Plant material maintained asTuber + in-vitro and cryopreservation
Plant health directive EC77/93, requirementsFully tested
Country of originFINLAND
Sample statusTraditional cultivar/landrace
Test conditionsNon organic
plant characteristics
Foliage coverModerate
Flower colourRed violet
Flower frequencyFrequent to very frequent
Pollen fertilityLow
Stolon lengthShort to medium
Light sprout colourPink
tuber characteristics
Tuber skin colourRed
Primary tuber flesh colourLight yellow
Secondary tuber flesh colourRed
Tuber shapeOval to round
Tuber eye depthDeep to very deep
Tuber skin textureSmooth
tubering characteristics
Tuber shape uniformityVariable to medium
resistance to fungal diseases
Resistance to gangrene (Phoma foveata)Low to medium
resistance to virus diseases
Resistance to tobacco rattle virusHigh
Variety information last modified on 24th of July, 2005